kick fighter controller

based on human body mechanics.

I can move in traditional manner WASD and I can make turns, crouch, jumps and kicks.

When I rolling the tube at some angle i’m go. When I’m rolling the tube little more I’m run. But this is not a simple “shift” key. It’s like throttle control. The more angle , than more speed.

Traditionally you’re used to the buttons, but buttons doesn’t good for a feet.

In many games you can found jump button.
Only one button, only one jump. This is one bit of info. 0 or 1
we use gyro/accelerometer. That’s long numeric characters and more complex program.
So, that’s much more then 0 or 1.
When i’m hit tube down – it’s a jump. I can do it with different force and get different jumps.
When I turn sharply forward pipe is also a jump. But another jump more complex.
It calculates the angle change in time, and the testimony of the accelerometer. Same with the back jump.
Especially I like back jump. I can’t found it in modern games but this necessary thing.
When using more then one accelerometr you can calculate jump force on each leg.
Each jump can be unique, each kick is unique.

When I hit pipe – it’s kicking. Kicks can be different. Strengths and weaknesses.
When i’m kick the door I can feel it. That’s cool for my brain. :D
I showed only simple jumps and kicks. What you can do easy.
It’s a simple kick fighter technique.
But you can make a secret kung-fu kicks too.

What about traditional button “C” (crouch) ?
You can do it. I have two rings near wheels. 2 better than one. One can be “crouch” other can be “crawl” or something else.


About feeling.
when you play with keyboard by fingers you play and feeling nothing.
when you play by legs you feeling something. Brain works differently.
Play in parkour more scary than play on the ground.

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