Virtual reality manipulator Kickfighter

In 1968, the Soviet Union was working on the H-1 missile. Americans fly around the moon on Apallon 8. At the International Computer Exhibition showed a mouse manipulator. A lot of computers still work on punchers. Nobody could understand what a mouse is and what its potential is. 13 years passed before this manipulator went on sale. After 17 years with the introduction of a graphical interface in operating systems Windows and Macintosh mouse were fully appreciated. People could not assess the potential of this device for 17 years.

Now progress is much faster. Countless startups have appeared recently. People have become creative and talented. 10% of them come up with new inventions. 90% engineering and commercial projects. At the new game controller for legs the kickfighter is a good inventive level. We will talk about it in detail.

Based on Arduino hardware-software chips, a new kickfighter virtual reality controller was developed. The Arduino engine was used to connect to the software on the computer.

A new game controller kickfighter is a manipulator for movement. But at the same time, and pear for kicking feet. We call this game controller wheel. The wheel is made according to the principle of a wooden man. For the basis was taken Mougins on which Bruce Lee trained. A kickfighter can be kicked feet. This wheel is significantly different from other game controllers. Other modern manipulators can also be waved. But there blows into the air. It’s one thing to beat into emptiness. As if it was a fight with the shadow. Another thing is to beat the kicker and feel his own progress. Various techniques of foot blows are being formed. This can be a kick strike, a blow to the body, a side, a straight, a knee kick. Jumps are also different. There is interaction between you and the manipulator. The game process is more realistic. The blow is remembered by the psyche. There is a feeling of a real kick. As if the player was inside the game.

Also, the kickfighter provides a different speed of walking along the playing field. The whill can be rolled forward at different speeds. And the game character will walk at a given speed. Slowly or quickly. The wheel can be deployed more than 360 degrees. You can also use corners. This control is different from cursors on the keyboard in the traditional WASD format.

In the game Vortex The Gateway, we used a kickfighter to move around the game space. See picture 1. In it in figure A, the hero approached the stone barrier, and the player prepared for the jump. In the figure B the hero jumped, and the player pulled forward the wheel. In the figure C the hero has overcome a stone barrier and moves on. The player’s hands are free. He can drink tea and run his feet.


Game controller Kickfighter and Mausgan are used in conjunction with virtual reality glasses. Thus, the effect of the most complete appearance in the game is achieved. In the game Bulletstorm widely used kicks. In picture 2, we displayed this game process. In the figure A the player was prepared to kick the opponent. In figure B produces a blow with a sharp fall of the right leg. In the figure C returned to the starting position.

picture-2-kickfighterKickfighter has an original game control concept. Jumps with a rolling are well perceived by the brain. The sensations of the brain differ as much as extending the arm or hitting the hand. The wheel is more active than the joystick. You can beat it with varying strength. This controller with a well-developed percussion technique. It is possible for many different feet kicks. With different strengths and different types.

There are two rings on the wheel. By clicking on them you can sit down. In order to show this, we used footage from the game Duke Nukem Forever. See picture 3.


Kickfighter is good for parkour. The push to the floor will create a hero jump in the game. If you sharply roll back, then sharply forward will also jump. To date, few games that can realize the full potential of the kickfighter. The wheel is good for moving, jumping and kicking. In the game Mirror’s Edge, the doorstep is realistic. Sideways motion on the kickfighter are occur due to the incline of the game controller to the side. See picture 4. The player pressed his left foot on the wheel. There was a sideways motion in the game. Then the player returned to the starting position.


Together with a wheel for hands is provided mausgan. It reminds me of a mouse in the form of a pistol. Only the buttons are much larger. It differs little from virtual hands in the Oculus rift. Mausgun can be driven to the left and right. Turn in this way. As if use a mouse. There’s a trigger. You can shoot from a virtual weapon. It is more difficult to guide the target with a mausgun than with a mouse. But you get a more complete effect of presence in the game. In Duke Nukem Forever, Duke hit the monster with his fist, and the player used a mausgun for this. It was necessary to really wave the Mausgun as a fist. In picture 5, figure A and B.


In addition to blows by the hand of the Mausgun in the Duke, it is very convenient to kick the wheel. It turns out a realistic effect of presence in the game. See picture 6.


In addition to blows by hand, you can also shake the Mausgun from side to side. Then it turns out something to tear off the boss level or open the broken door. When playing the keyboard, you would have to tap on neighboring keys to perform a similar action. See picture 7.


We live in a closed world. We are surrounded by walls. The walls limit us in everything. Including information and flight of thought. The walls are built by our Psyche. So people could not understand why needed a mouse for 17 years. Try to free your mind and look through the walls that restrict us. A new invention is always something unfamiliar. And maybe in the future the kickfighter will become the same norm for every computer as a mouse manipulator.


kick fighter controller

based on human body mechanics.

I can move in traditional manner WASD and I can make turns, crouch, jumps and kicks.

When I rolling the tube at some angle i’m go. When I’m rolling the tube little more I’m run. But this is not a simple “shift” key. It’s like throttle control. The more angle , than more speed.

Traditionally you’re used to the buttons, but buttons doesn’t good for a feet.

In many games you can found jump button.
Only one button, only one jump. This is one bit of info. 0 or 1
we use gyro/accelerometer. That’s long numeric characters and more complex program.
So, that’s much more then 0 or 1.
When i’m hit tube down – it’s a jump. I can do it with different force and get different jumps.
When I turn sharply forward pipe is also a jump. But another jump more complex.
It calculates the angle change in time, and the testimony of the accelerometer. Same with the back jump.
Especially I like back jump. I can’t found it in modern games but this necessary thing.
When using more then one accelerometr you can calculate jump force on each leg.
Each jump can be unique, each kick is unique.

When I hit pipe – it’s kicking. Kicks can be different. Strengths and weaknesses.
When i’m kick the door I can feel it. That’s cool for my brain. :D
I showed only simple jumps and kicks. What you can do easy.
It’s a simple kick fighter technique.
But you can make a secret kung-fu kicks too.

What about traditional button “C” (crouch) ?
You can do it. I have two rings near wheels. 2 better than one. One can be “crouch” other can be “crawl” or something else.


About feeling.
when you play with keyboard by fingers you play and feeling nothing.
when you play by legs you feeling something. Brain works differently.
Play in parkour more scary than play on the ground.